Untitled, 24”x36” monoprint on cotton rag by Devin Schuyler - NFS

Working predominantly on non-representation abstracts, my art is based on the play between color, texture, and materials found in our daily landscapes. 

With an organic, dynamic, and contemporary aesthetic that is equally rooted in minimalism as it is nature, my monotypes and paintings fit seamlessly in both the home and professional setting. 


There may come a time when you know what you want in a piece, but you are not seeing the exact color scheme, size, or shape you need among the pieces I currently have for sale. This is when a commission piece would be the right choice for you and your space!

How it works:
1) Consultation
2) Price is based on roughly $1 per square inch (multiply length x width) unless otherwise stated during our consultation
3) Half is paid upfront for materials, construction etc
4) Life between color and material begins
5) Photos for approval and a quote for shipping is sent to the client
6) Once approved by the client the balance plus shipping is paid
7) Art is hung and happiness fills your space

References to past work, pictures of the room, inspirational examples, and key words are always helpful.

Key words: energetic, organic, structured, subdued, etc.